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Swashplate Axial Plunger Motor with Reducer: M2X/M5X-RG Series

The swashplate plunger motor, developed as a rotary motor for construction machinery, has built-in mechanical brakes, overflow valves and oil filling valves.
Reasonable arrangement of plunger motor part, mechanical brake part and auxiliary valve parts has realized ultra-compact design.
The installation flange of the hydraulic motor adopts a large space, which can be directly connected with the gear ring of the reducer.
M5X is based on M2X technology, compatible with lightweight, compact and improved output power.

Model M2X63 -RG06 M5X130 -RG11 M5X130 -RG14 M5X180 -RG14 M5X180 -RG16 M5X180 -RG20
displacement(cm3 1,229 2,437 2,437 3,395 4,128 4,264
Rated pressure(MPa[kgf/cm2]) 28.0[285] 25.5[260] 30.9[315] 25.5[260] 24.0[245] 29.4[300]
Maximum rotation speed(min-1 115 92 67 67 68 66