Hydraulic pump

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Screw pump

The working oil flows smoothly along the axial direction, and the noise is very small because there is no drastic pressure change.
The amount of oil output is independent of the rotation position of the shaft, so there is almost no pressure fluctuation.
The driven screw rotates through the output working oil, because the meshing force between the screw parts is very small, so the wear and tear is small and the service life is long.

Model Displacement range(L/min) Maximum pressure
mineral oil Water-Ethylene Glycol phosphate W/O Emulsion O/W Emulsion Cutting oil fuel oil
3D 10~150 2.9
6D 4~1,800 6.9
4X 30~500 6.9
B4 30~700 20.6

The seal indicates the pump series most suitable for this purpose.
The seal represents a series of pumps that can be used for this purpose.
The seal means that it can be used after changing the sealing material.
The seal indicates that the bearing can be used when the structure of the bearing is changed to the shape of the external bearing.