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Plunger pump

1:Oblique Axial Piston Pump: LVP 017

It is most suitable for manual variable displacement pumps such as high pressure jacks.
By using a unique tilt bias mechanism, the volume of cylinder block that is not used in small tilt can be controlled to a minimum, and the efficiency can be obtained from the minimum tilt to the maximum tilt.

model LVP-017
displacement(cm3 4~17.4
pressure(MPa[kgf/cm2]) rated 34.3[350]
Highest 49.0[500]
Rated speed(min-1 1,800

2:Oblique Axial Piston Pump: LX(V)/LZ(V) Series

As a hydraulic source for all industries such as forging machinery, L series pumps are proud of their rich control, high efficiency and long life. Customers can choose the most suitable pumps according to their uses.
LXV LZV is a long-life pump which strengthens the bearing parts of LX LZ series. Under the condition of high-pressure continuous load or using fire-resistant working oil, etc., its longevity can be shown even under harsh operating conditions.

model LX•LZ-030 LX•LZ-060 LX•LZ-090 LX(V)•LZ(V)-120 LX(V)•LZ(V)-180 LX(V)•LZ(V)-260 LX(V)•LZ(V)-500
displacement(cm3 32.4 63.4 84.3 124 174 260 507
pressure(MPa[kgf/cm2]) rated 34.3[350]
Highest 39.2[400]

3:Swashplate Axial Piston Pump: K7VG Series

This is the most suitable for high pressure and large flow industrial machinery pumps such as ironmaking machinery, forging machinery and so on. Long life is achieved by using bearings with large load capacity.

displacement(cm3 180 270
pressure(MPa[kgf/cm2]) rated 35(357)
Highest 40(408)
speed(min-1 Self priming maximum 1,800 1,600
Highest 2,200 1,900

4:Swashplate Axial Piston Pump: K7V Series

In order to meet the requirement of provincial spatialization, the axial dimension is optimized, and the total length is 10% shorter than that of K3V series.
By optimizing the fit clearance of each part and stabilizing the rotation posture of the cylinder block, high efficiency is obtained.
The latest low noise technology developed by our company has greatly reduced noise.
By using large load capacity bearings and increasing the size of the drive shaft, the limit load acting on the bearings is reduced and the longevity of the bearings is further realized.

model K7V63 K7V100
displacement(cm3 63 100
pressure(MPa[kgf/cm2]) rated 35[357]
Peak value 40[408]
Maximum speed of self-priming(min-1 2,650 2,280

5:Swashplate Axial Piston Pump: K7SP Series

It is a compact double pump for small construction machinery.
The inclination angle of the inclined plate is controlled by the pilot part and the hydraulic piston constituting the servo mechanism.
In order to improve the self-priming performance in the high-speed rotating region, a centrifugal pump for boosting suction pressure is built in the suction pipeline.

model K7SP36
displacement(cm3 36×2
pressure(MPa[kgf/cm2]) rated 30[306]
Peak value 32[326]
Maximum speed of self-priming(min-1 2,300

6:Swashplate Axial Piston Pump: K5V Series

On the one hand, the pump inherits the reliability of K3V series and achieves high output power density by adopting new technology.
The same shape and installation method as K3V series can correspond to larger displacement.
It can correspond to large torque and further improve reliability and service life.

model K5V80 K5V140 K5V160 K5V200
displacement(cm3 80 140 160 200
pressure(MPa[kgf/cm2]) rated 34.3[350]
Peak value 39.2[400]
speed(min-1 Maximum speed of self-priming 2,460 2,160 2,000 1,850
Highest 3,000 2,500 2,350 2,200

7:Swashplate Axial Piston Pump: K4V Series

K4V series is a swashplate plunger pump developed as a closed-loop hydraulic transmission device, which can provide abundant accessory components.
High efficiency is also achieved not only in the high pressure region, but also in the low pressure and small inclination region.
Mechanical neutral retaining structure with spring force type is adopted, and it also has high neutral retaining characteristics when used in HST.

model K4V45C K4V112C
displacement(cm3 45 112
pressure(MPa[kgf/cm2]) rated 31.4[320]
Peak value 34.3[350]
speed(min-1 rated 2,900 2,150
Highest 3,600 2,700

8:Swashplate Axial Piston Pump: K3VL Series

K3VL series is a kind of hydraulic loop pump with corresponding load sensing and constant pressure developed on the basis of K3V series, which has rich achievements in engineering machinery pumps.
The pressure fluctuation of the noise source is greatly reduced by adopting a new independent mechanism, which has been developed by our company for a long time.
Based on load induction type and constant pressure type, it can also be unloaded and the pressure can be adjusted. Among the optional specifications, there is also a power control type.

model K3VL28 K3VL45 K3VL60 K3VL80 K3VL112 K3VL140 K3VL200
displacement(cm3 28 45 60 80 112 140 200
pressure(MPa[kgf/cm2]) rated 32[326] 25[255] 32[326]
Peak value 35[357] 28[286] 35[357]
speed(min-1 Maximum speed of self-priming 3,000 2,700 2,400 2,400 2,200 2,200 1,900
Highest 3,600 3,250 3,000 3,000 2,700 2,500 2,200

9:Swashplate Axial Piston Pump: K3VG Series

Suitable for open loop of general industrial machinery. Pumps with displacement of 63-560 cm3 can be provided.
It can provide high precision electro-hydraulic servo regulator "ILIS (Intelligent Liner Servo)", and has a wealth of control methods.
It is highly praised for its high efficiency and reliability, and pursues a low noise type of high-pressure plunger pump which is easy to use.

model K3V
displacement(cm3 63 112 180 280 360 560
pressure(MPa[kgf/cm2]) rated 34.3[350]
Highest 39.2[400]
speed(min-1 rated 1,800 1,200 1,800 1,200
Maximum speed of self-priming 2,600 2,200 1,850 1,600 1,850 1,600
Highest 3,250 2,700 2,300 2,000 2,300 2,000

10:Swashplate Axial Piston Pump: K3V Series

As a plunger pump for construction machinery, K3V series is highly praised for its high reliability.
The structure of various rotary mechanisms can be provided for corresponding purposes.
Series and parallel pumps capable of installing PTO are available.

model K3V63 K3V112 K3V140 K3V280
displacement(cm3 63 112 140 280
pressure(MPa[kgf/cm2]) rated 34.3[350]
Peak value 39.2[400]
speed(min-1 Maximum speed of self-priming 2,650 2,360 2,150 1,600
Highest 3,250 2,700 2,500 2,000