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German DUNKERMOTOREN was founded by Christian Dunker in 1950 and acquired by AMETEK in 2012. It has become an important member of many brands of AMETEK. After 60 years of development, DUNERMOTOREN has developed from the first three employees to a world-renowned manufacturer of DC motors. Its products are sold and used all over the world, and its offices and branches are all over the world.

DUNERMOTOREN has been playing an innovative and pioneering role in its development process. In 1963, it developed high-tech motors for rocket steering. In 1966, it developed shutter drive motors and put them into the market. In 1969, Denko's precision motors were used for the first lunar landing. In 1985, it became the pioneer of DC brushless motors. In 1991, it passed ISO 9001 certification and DQS certification. CD-ROM driver was developed in 1995, DC motor with integrated controller was introduced in 1999, and programmable motor with built-in integrated function controller was introduced in 2005.

DUNKERMOTOREN's product lines include GR/G brushless DC motor, BG brushless DC motor, KD/DR AC motor, D/DCD shutter drive motor, PLG/SG planetary and turbine gears, RS/BGE controller, ST linear motor and RE/TG/ME/E servo unit and brake series.

GR/G DC motor models: GR22, G30.2, G30.1, G30.1S, G30.0, G30.0S, GR42x25, GR42x40; motor with built-in integrated controller GR53x30, GR53x58, GR63x25, GR63x55, GR63Sx55, GR80x40, GR80x80.

DENKE GR/G series permanent magnet DC motor features: long service life, low positioning torque, high efficiency, high dynamic acceleration, good regulation characteristics, high power density, maintenance-free, robust design, low inertia, motor insulation grade E, winding insulation grade F, extremely high short-term overload capacity of motor, surface protection, minimum interference radiation, providing products with different interference levels. Optional, protection level up to IP65, DC motor can be combined with control electronic equipment, gearbox, brake and encoder into a modular system.

DENKE BG series brushless DC motor features: very long service life, high efficiency, high dynamic acceleration, good regulation characteristics, wide speed range, high power density, maintenance-free, robust design, integrated rotor position Hall sensor, low inertia, high protection level, winding insulation level E or B, neodymium magnet.

Planetary gear transmission (PLG) has the largest continuous acting torque capacity, and worm gear box (SG) runs very quietly. The models are PLG24, PLG30, PLG30H, PLG32, PLG32H, PLG42K, PLG42S, PLG52, PLG52H, PLG60, PLG63, PLG75, PLG64LB, PLG84LB, SG45, SG62, SG65, SG80K, SG80, SG120K, SG120.

Integrated controller KI integration, SI integration, PI integration, CI integration, MI integration, Gateway CANopen-Profibus, RS 200, BGE 42 attachment, BGE 3004A, BGE 30100, BGE 6007, BGE 3508, BGE 6005, BGE 3515, BGE 6010, BGE 6050

Encoders: RE 20, RE 30, RE 30 (mit Haube), RE 30 TI, RE 30 TI (mit Haube), RE 56, RE 56 TI, TG 11, TG 11 (mit Haube), TG 52, MG 2, ME 52, ME 80, ME integrated

Brakes E 40, E 60, E 38 R, E 38 R (mit Haube), E 46 A, E 46 A (mit Haube), E 90 R (mit Haube), E 100 A, E 100 A (mit Haube), E 100 R, E 100 R (mit Haube), E 300 R, E 300 R (mit Haube).