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We started Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. as a new company by becoming independent from Hitachi, Ltd. in April, 2002. Starting from over 100 years of motor-related business, we work widely, in the industrial electrical machinery field that supports craftsmanship, and in the infrastructure business that supports society and every-day life.

Putting our advanced technical strength and long experiences, we have always striven to provide the products and systems our customers need. The products we have provided to the world are now strongly supported by our customers worldwide. We are actively engaged in expanding our global sales and service systems, to meet extensive expectations.

We carry on striving to realize our dreams by working for a "Broad outlook, High sensitivity, Acute senses, and Quick responses". As a group of professionals with "globally competitive craftsmanship", each of us faces our customers sincerely, aiming to deliver maximum value, and we continue to contribute to customers' business growth.

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. aims to be a company you can trust, and you can expect great things from us.

"Based on the founding concepts of 'harmony,' 'sincerity,' and 'pioneering spirit,' Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. has made it the basic principle to operate business directly linked to our customers with integrated services, sales, and manufacturing, and is determined to contribute to the progress and development of our society through high-quality products and services.

In being deeply aware that a corporation is a member of society, we have a strong commitment to fair and transparent corporate behavior and shall contribute to a truly affluent society by continuing and developing our business through environmental harmony and proactive social contribution."

With this corporate philosophy, we will do our best through our business operations to advance forward in leaps and bounds.
In April 2002, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. was divided and established as a company inheriting the motor business from Hitachi, Ltd., the original business of the parent company. From that time Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. has been in charge of industrial electric equipment amongst the Hitachi Group, a group covering diversified areas. Since that time, in taking advantage of being a member of the Hitachi Group, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. has operated as the only company in Japan that can provide all equipment, services and solutions for various applications including those for industrial and social infrastructures.

Our vision is to become foundation for the affluent life of people by supporting both industrial and social infrastructures.

In a context of changing life styles, values and social and industrial structures, we will keep advancing with our aim of always predicting future trends and responding to customers' expectations and requests "steadily" and "sincerely." To this end, we will continue to better ourselves and do our best efforts so that we can play a central role in leading and innovating the industrial electric equipment segment.