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Add:No.37,Lane 209,Alley 173/37,AnDuongVuong Street,PhuThuong Ward,TayHo District,HaNoi City.

FRIEDRICH Schwingtechnik is one of the leading manufacturer of vibrator motors and a pioneer in the field of vibration technology.

Ever since our company was founded in 1973, we have focused on technical advice, development and best service for our customers. The variety of types and special designs for the most diverse applications resulted in one of the most comprehensive and best structured motor programs currently available on the international market. By continually expanding our own production of motor components we are constantly improving our delivery times and the possibilities available for customer-specific solutions. This automated CNC production takes place at our plant in Olsberg. We invest continually in the improvement of our production and operational processes, as well as in quality assurance with a 3-coordinate measuring machine.
We acquire the semi-finished products and services that go into our motors and unbalance exciters primarily from quality German, and to some extent, European suppliers, so we can proudly write on our products: MADE IN GERMANY