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Tsubaki Power Cylinder
Linear actuators (electrical cylinders) that can be used with simple wiring

Easy handling due to not using hydraulics and pneumatics
High performance and reliable operation through the use of a screw and nut mechanism for the cylinder portion
Built-in safety device for all series. Secure operation even under overload.

Product Lineup

Product Types / Features
Eco Series (CDS Type)
Rated thrust: 250N{25.5kgf} to 1000N{102kgf}
Rated speed: 90/90/110 to 160/190/200mm/s
Stroke: 100 to 600mm

Eco Series (Servo Type)
Rated thrust: 150N{15.3kgf} to 15000N{1530kgf}
Rated speed: 1 to 333mm/s
Stroke300 to 1000mm:

G Series
Rated thrust: 700N{71.4kgf} to 3.00kN{306kgf}
Rated speed: 25/30 to 200/240mm/s
Stroke: 100 to 1200mm

F Series
Rated thrust: 100N{10.2kgf} to 6.00kN{612kgf
Rated speed: 8 to 54mm/s
Stroke: 50 to 600mm

T Series
Rated thrust: 2.45kN{250kgf} to 313kN{32000kgf}
Rated speed: 6.2/7.6 to 100/120mm/s
Stroke: 200 to 2000mm

Multi Series
Rated thrust: 4.90kN{500kgf} to 313kN{32000kgf}
Rated speed: 40 to 120mm/s
Stroke: 200 to 2000mm

Lift Master
Rated load: 1.96kN{200kgf} to 9.80 kN{1000kgf}
Rated speed: 25/30 to 62/75mm/s
Stroke: 400 to 1000mm
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