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Lini Power Jack
Linear actuators (jacks) constructed with the combination of a trapezoidal screw thread or ball screw and worm gear

Operates by simply being connected to a drive motor.
Comes in three types: trapezoidal screw thread, ball screw, and high-lead ball screw types

Trapezoidal Screw Thread Model No. Ball Screw Model No. Speed High Lead Ball Screw Speed Basic Capacity Stroke 
kN {tf}
JWM002 - L/H 
- - 1.96 {0.2} 100 to 400
JWM005 JWB005 - - 4.90 {0.5} 100 to 800
JWM010 JWB010 JWH010
9.80 {1} 100 to 1000
JWM025 JWB025 JWH025 24.5 {2.5} 100 to 1200
JWM050 JWB050 JWH050 49.0 {5} 100 to 1500 
JWM100 JWB100 JWH100 98.0 {10}
JWM150 JWB150 JWH150 147 {15}
JWM200 JWB200 JWH200 196 {20} 100 to 2000 
JWM300 JWB300 - - 294 {30}
JWM500 JWB500 - - 490 {50}

Product Lineup

Product Types / Features
JWM (Machine Screw Type)
JWM (Trapezoidal Screw Thread Type)
For low-speed, low-frequency applications, Economical with the simple and compact structure
Load holding capability (self-locking), New left hand type released October 1, 2014

JWB (Ball Screw Type)
For high-speed, high-frequency applications, High efficiency through the use of ball screw
Long service life

JWH (High-Lead Ball Screw Type)
For ultra high-speed, high-frequency applications, High-lead ball screw used to accommodate high-speed operations
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