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Makome products use “saturable coil technology”, a highly sensitive and highly reliable magnetic detection element developed in-house. The technology can be simple in principle, ensuring accurate operation and long-term stable performance even under severe usage and adverse conditions.
As a result, it has been widely adopted as parts for "position measurement", "rotation detection", "long distance measurement", and "high precision positioning" in industrial machines, construction machines, special vehicles, etc. We have been supported by professional engineers as long-life products that can be used safely and continuously. The application cases range from companies in various fields to research institutes in tens of thousands of cases.
In the industrial business world where IoT is advancing, while listening to the needs of customers on various sites, we will continue to take on the challenge of developing new products and applying them to new fields required in the times.

SA-100 SAE-200  SIE-140 SIE-120A SI-410 SI-230 SI-550
The “Macho Measure® System” is an incremental linear encoder system. "SI-140 system" which set magnetic detection head "SIE-140" and magnetic scale "SIS-140", and "SI-120A which set magnetic detection head" SIE-120A "and magnetic scale" SIS-120 " We prepare 2 products of "system". A large, small, lightweight head-scale detection distance can be secured, and there is a wide tolerance for detection distance variations.

ET-850 ET-851A
It consists of two parts, the sleeve * 1 of the body to be detected and the probe * 2 of the detection unit. A high frequency magnetic field is generated on the probe side to create an inductive coupling with the sleeve. Displacement of the sleeve relative to the probe causes a change in the inductive coupling, which is converted to a voltage and output (the relative position of the sleeve and the probe is output at a voltage of 1-5 V as the displacement amount). The sleeve and probe are completely non-contacting, so there is no deformation or failure due to friction.
※ 1 Metal pipe ※ 2 Rod-shaped detection coil

GS-944/GS-315 GS-2744B/GS-215 
It is a guide sensor of linear voltage output type.
The position of the guide tape installed as a course on the floor can be read quickly and accurately, and a linear analog voltage can be output.
It supports high-precision control of an AGV.
A large detection distance between the guide sensor and the guide tape can be secured, and the inclination of the voltage does not change even if the distance changes, so it is less susceptible to shaking or vibration that may occur in large vehicles, and stable traveling can be realized. You

It is a DC 3-wire magnetic proximity switch using high frequency transmission. We have prepared 4 models according to the application according to the shape and protection structure.
"SW-252A" and "SW-272A" based on IP68 can always be used even in water. In addition, by utilizing the characteristics of the proximity switch of the magnetic detection type, detection of the detection magnetic pole can be performed separately (only NS pole, only N pole, only S pole).

This is a magnetic switch to detect the center of the origin position of the precision movement platform with high accuracy. The switching output is made at the center of the magnetic field for detection, and high repetition accuracy of ± 0.05 μm can be obtained. It is not affected by dirt and dust because of the magnetic detection method, and it is fully compliant with the protective structure “IP67 *”, so it has excellent performance in environmental resistance such as waterproof and dustproof. "HS-320" and "HS-321" are widely used for thermal expansion correction of ultra-precision processing machines.
※ Degree of protection against entry of foreign matter into electrical equipment defined by IEC standard and JIS standard

Servo type gravity acceleration type inclination angle detector equipped with a magnetic sensor developed in-house. Originally designed for construction machinery, it is excellent in vibration resistance and impact resistance, and it can accurately detect the amount of tilt angle displacement under adverse environments.
Cable length can be specified for made-to-order products. The X and Y axes are internally independent, so different angles can be specified. We also offer models with connectors.